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Tidbits and Insights

Sometimes... Keeping myself entertained,


Image shown can be found on

Sometimes, my cats, Tak and Cerridwen take turns
at the entertainment gig...

Image shown can be found on

And then, there's my dog... Luchtain..

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Well.. I guess staying entertained is all subjective..

~In loving memory of
Luchtain Star Royal

~In loving memory of

~In loving memory of

Music I listen to

Some tracks that I had posted here for listening via, (but have since been removed), yet remain among my favs..:

Kansas ~ A few tracks from 'Leftoverature'

Cruachan ~ Tracks from 3 of their albums

Geasa ~ Tracks from 'Angel's Cry' and unpublished tracks

Live ~ Tracks from 'Distance to Here'

...and more coming soon!

My blog

  1. Sharing with the Fairies.

    05/05/08 08:00:01 | 3 Comments

    I got to go to a local Fairy Festival event.. Yippee!!! It was so much fun!
    There were seven and a half of us gathered...
  2. Music to My Heart

    05/01/08 07:21:22 | 3 Comments

    Saturday night, I attended an angel class that was simply divine. Of...
  3. Just Trippin'

    02/27/08 12:46:01 | 2 Comments

    Weekends are perfect for trippin' out.

    Trippin' out? You know, finding experiences that take us out of our usual frame of reference. Experiences that are like taking a happy trip away from the daily grind. And, as in at least one or two occasions...

Sample the Eclectic Music Mix That I Enjoy

Sorry, the LAST.FM playlist feature apparently was a limited option, and since I haven't visited my profile there of late, my playlist has been removed.. yuk.. What kind of user friendly service is that??? Eventually I may search for another way to plug some of my favs...